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Deewan cement & Chemicals pvt ltd, DCC Gold CEMENT

DCC Gold cement has essentially the same properties as gray cement, except for color. It is readily available throughout India.

The color of DCC Gold cement is determined by its raw materials and the manufacturing process. Metal oxides, primarily iron and manganese, power the whiteness and undertone of the material.

After adding pigments, DCC Gold cements produce clean, bright colors, especially for light pastels. Many different colors of material can be created, and just like with paint, two or more pigments can be combined to achieve a wide range of colors. An even superior variety of decorative looks can be achieved by using colored aggregates and varying the surface finish treatment or texture.

Mix designs for white or colored concrete are formulated based on each ingredient's effect on concrete color:

  • Type and color of cement
  • Type and dosage of pigment
  • Type and dosage of admixtures
  • Type, gradation, color, and cleanliness of fine and coarse aggregates
  • Consistent proportions, especially maintaining a uniform water-cement ratio

For every architectural project, once a mix design has been developed, sample panels should be built at the job site. These mockups serve as references for color and overall surface appearance. In India, DCC Gold cement is widely available and aggregates are abundant throughout the country. In the end, no matter where you need it, white cement concrete can be there